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Wednesday 17th August 2011

5161.0151 5161.0105 5161.0253
16.00 Start registration (CvL central hall)
17.00 Buffet & registration (CvL central hall)
19.00 Public lecture (5161.0151) Simon Levin - Evolutionary perspectives on public goods and collective behaviour

Thursday 18th August 2011

5161.0151 5161.0105 5161.0253
08.30 Registration (5161.0151)
08.50 Conference welcome (5161.0151)
09.00 Plenary (5161.0151) Paulien Hogeweg – Evolution of evolvability - Structuring of genomes, network and ecosystems
10.00 Coffee
Pattern formation I
Life history
Species interactions
10.20 Kirsten ten Tusscher – In-silico evolution of developmental networks
Pete Trimmer – The ecological rationality of state-dependent valuation
Carlos Melian – Eco-evolutionary dynamics in super-networks
10.45 Charlotte Hemelrijk – Some causes of the variable shape of flocks of birds
Andrew Higginson – Effects of costs of energy reserves on body size and adiposity
Francisco Encinas Viso – Phenology drives mutualistic network structure and diversity
11.10 Daan Reid – Modelling the hydrodynamics of infinite schools of fish
John Bryden – Can it be worth delaying reproduction in a steady environment?
Aniek Ivens – The co-evolution between mutualism and condition-dependent migration
11.35 Plenary (5161.0151) Homayoun Bagheri – How can we understand ancient evolutionary transitions such
as multicellularity and cellular differentiation?
12.20 Lunch & Posters
13.40 plenary (5161.0151) Chris Klausmeier – Theoretical approaches to plankton ecology
Pattern formation II Learning & culture Pathogens I
14.40 Johan van de Koppel – Diatom-sedimentation feedback generates a self-organised geomorphic landscape Luke McNally – Cooperation and the evolution of intelligence Cornelis Drost – Epidemiology of overtreatment in vector-borne diseases
15.05 Jasper Ruifrok – The role of herbivores as ecosystem engineers on lawn-bunch mosaic formation Daniel Jones – Social learning and evolution in a structured environment Femke van den Berg – The evolutionary ecology of plant pathogens
15.30 Jon Yearsley – Fireox: an SIR model to describe the spread of smouldering peatland fire Hannah Lewis – Transmission fidelity is the key to the build-up of complex culture in humans Marek Kwiatkowski – Modelling the ecology of symbiont-mediated protection against parasites
15.55 Coffee
16.25 Plenary (5161.0151) Corina Tarnita – Limitations of inclusive fitness theory
Social evolution Environmental change Population genetics
James Marshall – The generality of inclusive fitness theory Marjolein Lof – Optimal timing of reproduction in a warming world Dan Cohen – A general model of genetic diversification by correlated pleiotropic interactions
Peter Sozou – Asymmetric helping and harming behaviour Nicolas Alcala – Genetic diversity of metapopulation under temporal changes of connectivity Carina Mugal – Evolutionary dynamics of dN/dS
Sander van Doorn – The evolution of generalized reciprocity on social interaction networks Mario Pineda-Krch – Evolutionary diversification under seasonally varying reproduction Harold de Vladar – Ensembles of evolutionary histories: adaptation, simulations and inference
19.30 Conference dinner

Friday 19th August 2011

5161.0151 5161.0105 5161.0253
09.00 plenary (5161.0151) Sally Otto – Inferring the past for traits that alter speciation and extinction
10.00 Coffee
Community ecology Communication I Foraging strategies
10.20 Rampal Etienne – Making inferences on diversification from molecular phylogenies Mark Broom – Some mistakes go unpunished: the evolution of “all or nothing” signalling Zoe Cook – The effects of recruitment strategy on the benefits of polydomy in ant colonies
10.45 Stephen Cornell – Analytical properties of species area curves in spatial neutral models Lev Yampolsky - To own or to own not: A game theory model of resource ownership and defence Andrea Kölzsch – Empirical evidence for Lévy signatures in mud snail movement
11.10 David Alonso – Stochastic metacommunity theory Sam Tazzyman – Fixed and dilutable benefits: female choice for good genes or fertility Monique de Jager – Mussels on the move: How Levy walks evolved in a self-organizing system
Omar Al Hammal – Power testing of neutral theory David Ramsey – A model of single-sided mate choice based on multiple traits Axel Rossberg - Biodiversity and dietary diversity in marine food webs
12.00 Lunch & posters
13.30 plenary (5161.0151) Hans Metz – The geometry of meso-evolution
Ecological niches Communication II Predator-prey
14.30 Géza Meszéna – Mathematical niche theory Bob Planqué – Maintenance of bird song dialect borders Steve Alpern – Ambush vs cruise search by a predator looking for its prey
14.55 Xiaoguang Du – A niche-based mechanism for neutral-like patterns Matthias Franz – Multiple niches for agonistic behaviours can emerge from dyadic relationship Robert Arculus – A version of the predator-prey search game where the predator is silent
15.20 Daniel van der Post – Evolution of cooperative foraging: self-organization and patch depletion Franjo Weissing – The evolution of individual variation in communication strategies Ellen van Velzen – The evolution and coexistence of herbivores under between-plant competition
15.45 Coffee
16.15 plenary (5161.0151) Andreas Wagner – The origins of evolutionary innovations
Pathogens II Miscellaneous I Miscellaneous II
17.15 Meghan Fitzgerald – The effects of ecology on a web-stealing spider Tim Fawcett – Equation overload: what deters empirical biologists from citing theoretical work? Joost van de Heuvel – The predictive adaptive response: a life history model of Bicyclus anynana
17.40 Loïc Chaumont – On emergence times of competition processes Krysztof Argasinski – In which currency are paid payoffs in evolutionary games? Somdatta Sinha – Population dynamic consequences of interactions among life stages of insects
18.05 Romain Bourget – Competition processes, a tool to model pathogen adaptation time Ivan Puga-Gonzalez – Emergence of coalitions, their reciprocation and their exchange in a model Atiyo Ghosh – Quantifying introgression risks in random environments with hazard rates
18.30 Presentation of awards & conference close (5161.0151)